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Unique super soarer for SAL-launching

Wingspan [mm]:
2 000
Weight [g]:
ca. 420
AG455ct-02f - AG47ct-02f

Our well-established model Fireworks has been "eXTENDed", that is enlarged in all dimensions. The model that resulted, "FireworX Xtend = fireworXtend", is the only 2m-DLG on the market at the moment.

Xtend offers maximum soaring fun with minimum effort. It starts with SAL-launch in any weather. Thanks to its gliding characteristic Xtend reaches up-draughts, of which we were only dreaming before!

For more technical information have a look at our Building instruction FW-X-tend (pdf-file)

The construction follows those of Fireworks4. The wing is produced with a shell of glass and balsa-sandwich with a grid of carbon rovings (disser) inside the shell.
The concept for the fuslege is also taken from Fireworks4. Cone and boom were lengthened, the front part with servoboard and canopy to slide on was kept.
The servos for vertical and horizontal stab are situated inside the fuselage. The servos for the ailerons are fitted inside the wing.
The two-part wing is fixed on the fuselage with 4 screws.
As well as Fireworks4.2 fireworXtend has fences between flaps and fuselage for an optimal aerodynamic transition.
The rudder was enlarged for optimum launches.
In series production carbon fleece is also used on the outside of the shell of elevator and rudder.
Carbon inlays serve as additional strengthening for the installation of the stab on the boom.
You can easily demount the elevator for easy transport. The wing is divided into 2 halves.
Underside of wing
Small parts enclosed in kit
Comparison in size between Fireworks4.2 (150cm wingspan) and fireworXtend (200cm)
4 pieces of GP NiMH Accu 40AAAH are ideal for Firewor-X-tend.
Protection bags for the wing

  • CFR, boom with high modular carbon
  • Shell made of balsa-sandwich with glass and grid of carbon rovings (disser),
  • Spar booms made of carbon / shear web made of balsa planked with glass
  • Shell made of balsa-sandwich with carbon fleece



  • Ailerons are cut and mounted with elastic flaps
  • Gap sealing of aileron with adhesive
  • Screw mounting for wing and junction for two-part wing is pre-fabricated
  • Rear and front part of fuselage are glued together, openings are cut
  • Kitparts (radio board, pushrods, levers etc.) are included in kit
  • GFR-stabs completely prefabricated apart from: mounting the lever for rudder and connecting with kevlar wire
  • Building instruction is enclosed

Video: Xtend flying

Test flights with our last prototype before starting series production. (app. 14MB)

Xtend Infopage
Build. instruction