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Pino 3.0 medium
- in the test in the current edition of the FMT
and now online on our website!

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PINO 3.0: first feedback!

Alexandre Mittaz
has got one of our first Pino 3.0.
He sent us some great pictures and described his first impressions:

The plane keeps the qualities of the PINO 2.5 and take them to a new level of performance.

It combines the characteristics of a slope glider and a thermal duration ship.

I was able to do a couple of flights with the PINO 3.0, in both lights conditions and with some wind yesterday.
I flew it empty in light thermal conditions and with two steel joiners in the wind. What a great plane you designed!
Flies beautifully, very responsive, super quiet almost no noise when flying.

Here are a couple picture of PINO 3.0 in the Swiss Préalpes and the Geneva Lake.
more infos on the model
NEW: Elvira ultralight all in black!
The lightweight version of our 4.5m classic model is now also available in a carbon version.
As a result, the wing is much stiffer and the harder surface
also has a positive effect on the longevity of the model.
Thanks to 39g lightweight non crimp carbon Elvira didn't have to add a gram of weight for this!
The HLG feeling of the ultralight thermal floater remains as essential characteristic.
Now in our program!



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