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  Erwin XL ultralight (electric)
The big brother of the classic 2 meter - glider as light version

Erwin XL ultralight
Wingspan [mm]:
Aspect ratio:
Wing area [dm²]:
Wing loading [g/dm²] :
19,5 - 26,1
Weight [g]:
1.200 - 1600
vs 1

Erwin XL ultralight is an extremely light thermal floater with DLG-feeling.
The model can also be equipped with an electric drive.

For more technical details look into our building instruction glider-version (pdf-file) or building instruction electric version (pdf-file).

Thanks to low weight and big wing area the models reaches remarkable starting heights at the rubber highstart.

During flight it captivates with a very unproblematic flight behavior. Due to low wing loading you can thermal just above the ground without risking stall. Especially in weak conditions, both in the plain and on slope, you will realize its specific characteristics.

The use of the electric version ranges from simple recreational fun up to competitive sectors such as F5J and RCMS.

To demonstrate the flight characteristics best, we want to present you some videos. Here is a video produced in cooperation with Max Werdenigg, and a video of Andrew Schwegler.

NEW: Also available as CARBON-version with 39g non crimp carbon as outer skin!


The radio is placed on the radio board in the fuselage cone. The fuselage cone is manufactured in kevlar or glass to ensure good receipt of 2,4GHz.
The servos for controlling the V-tail are situated (for the glider version) in the fuselage ...
... and hinged with push-rods.
Erwin XL ultralight is designed for rubber highstart.
The wing is pushed onto the fuselage from the side. For electrical connection a plug is let into the root rib.
The model is also available as an electric version.
Engine, controller and battery are placed in the fuselage cone then.
The receiver is located between the wings behind the connector.
As the outer layer of the wing is made of 50g glass fabric the wing has a good strength of the surface despite being so light. In addition, the D-box region near the fuselage serves as touching area for handling on the ground.
precise and simple mounting of the levers by prefabricated recess,
aerodynamically shaped control covers
The servo boxes were designed for all standard servos, specifically: Futaba S3150, with mounting frame

Ballast can easily be added by varying between different connectors
Glider-Version: 1x carbon pipe, 1x carbon pipe with steel core, 1x short steel are enclosed in kit
Electric version: 1x carbon pipe is enclosed in kit

Rudder gap is closed on wing and V-tail with adhesive tape.
Carbon covers for servos
The V-tail ist also built with sandwich-shell.  
Elevator removable
The V-tail is manufactured in one part.
Holes and threads for mounting the v-tail on the fuselage are pre-fabricated.
For the electric version, the servos for elevator and rudder can be installed in the V-tail. By this means you can save weight, as you need no or only little lead when adjusting the centre of gravity.
Protection bags made of welded bubble wrap coated with aluminium foil (not included in kit)
Protection bags made of stitched foam material coated with aluminium foil
with fabric edging, practical velcro fasteners
and strengthenings at the wing tips
(not included in kit)

Kitparts are enclosed in kit.
  • CFK, a.o. IM-Spread Tow carbon / glass for 2,4GHz
  • Shell made of rohacell as supporting material and 50g glass fabric or IM-Spread Tow carbon fabric (D-Box) as outer skin
  • Spar booms made of carbon / shear web made of balsa planked with glass
  • Shell made of rohacell as supporting material and glass fabric
  • Spar booms made of carbon / shear web made of balsa planked with glass



  • All rudders are cut and mounted with adhesive
  • Gap sealing of control surfaces with adhesive
  • Openings for the servos are pre-fabricated, covers are enclosed
  • Mounting of wing halves is pre-fabricated
  • Assembly of the fuselage is easy due to the fitting
  • Strengthening inside fuselage for hook is pre-fabricated
  • Openings in fuselage are cut, mounting of V-tail is pre-fabricated
  • Kitparts (radio board, pushrods, levers, ballast etc.) are included in kit
  • Building instruction can be downloaded: glider version, electric version

XL UL infopage