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Taser in a new design

As of August 16 Taser will be also available in the version "Taser new edition
The weight of this new edition is significantly lower than of the conventional carbon version.
Thanks to ultra-light non woven carbon the surface is at the same time well protected for everyday use,
which guarantees a long life of the model. A special thanks to Tomas who had this great idea!

Taser wins F5J-competitions!

Patrick Rivet has already tested the prototype of Taser in competition successfully in 2009 (left). In 2010,
he competed with the series model at the F5J-competition in St Martin Le Beau, near Tours. (left but one)
He succeeded amongst 25 pilots and won before his collegue, who flew an electrified Firewor-X-tend.
At the French Championship 2011 even 3 PCM models can get into the Fly-Off. (right but one)
Finally, Patrick Rivet wins the competition with his Taser. (right)

First review of Taser:
Wolfgang Wallner has tested the model for the Austrian magazine Prop.
Here are some photos, which he shot when testflying the model.

Series production is startet!

"Taser" is now available. Below you see the final prototype.

Coming soon: F5J-Competition-model
We will soon have a new member in the PCM familiy.
The 2m-glider with electrical drive is especially developed for use in competition class F5J.
(Available from autumn 2009)

Patrick Rivet tested the prototype in the French championship 09
and reached 3rd place right away amongst 42 pilots.

Taser gallery