Taser infopage

F5J Electro-Thermic-glider
F5J Top Competition model

Wingspan [mm]:
2 000
Weight [g]:
AG455ct-02f - AG47ct-02f

Taser is a distinctive thermal glider with a wing loading from about 16g/dm2 and handling characteristics similar to those of a DLG. The climb is about 10 seconds for 200m. At the same time, the assertiveness against the wind is very well. With a heavier battery, the model can also be flown with higher wing loading. Find more information in the building instruction.

The first competition success confirms our concept: Patrick Rivet tested the prototype in the French Championship and reached the 3rd place straight away in a starting field of 42 pilots.

available in 2 versions:
Taser standard
Taser New Edition

The standard - or glass - version offers same flight pleasure as the special version at a reasonable price.

Wing and V-tail are made of shell construction using balsa as supporting material and glass fabric as outer skin.

NEW! Taser in a new design!
As many of our customers could not decide between the lightweight glass version and the robust carbon version, we now combine the advantages of both:
The weight of Taser New Edition is significantly lower than of the conventional carbon version, which was made of 65g carbon fabric.
Thanks to ultra-light non woven 26g-carbon the surface is at the same time well protected for everyday use,
which guarantees a long life of the model.
All hinges are designed as kevlar hinges.
A special thanks to Tomas, who had this great idea!

More pictures
(pictures taken from our last prototype)

Taser is built in well-tried DLG lightweight construction. The wing is made in shell construction with balsa-support material. We use 25g glass fabric for the outer skin in the standard version and 26g IM non woven carbon for the New Edition.
In the series wings will be prepared for 4 flaps to enable precise landings.
(Separation between flap and aileron will only be cut on request. So the decision for 2 flaps is also possible.)

The wing is divided in the middle.
The fuselage is made ofcarbon and of carbon-balsa sandwich. This results in an extremely lightweight design and high strength.
The tail is built just like the wing of carbon/balsa or glass/balsa-sandwich with single carbon reinforcements. As in the DLG-building the tail is controlled with kevlar wire and torsion springs to minimize the weight.
The two-part wing is attached with 4 screws on the fuselage.
We use / recommend the following components:
- Accus: 800-1800mA/h
- Engine: Size Speed 400
- Propeller: Aeronaut 13x8
- Regulator: Phönix 25
- Spinner: RFM 32mm
Engine and regulator are situated under the canopy. The accu is inserted through the canopyand fixed below the wing.
2 servos and the receiver are located in the rear fuselage area.
For use of 2,4GHz the fuselage is also available with a front part made of kevlar.
We fly the drive Outrunner Hyperion G2213 with the propeller Aeronaut 13x8.
Following colors are available for the painting:
white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, pink
The stripes on the bottom are by default white.
Protective bags in 2 different versions

  • CFR, CFR-balsa-Sandwich (or kevlar)
  • Shell made of balsa-sandwich with 25g/m² glass fabric (Standard version) and 26g/m² IM non woven carbon (New Edition)
  • Spar booms made of carbon / shear web made of balsa planked with glass
  • Shell made of balsa-sandwich with 25g/m² glass fabric (Standard version) and 26g/m² IM non woven carbon (New Edition), strengthenings with carbon fabric



  • Ailerons are cut and mounted with tape at the standard version and designed as kevlar hinges in the New Edition, ailerons and flaps are not separated
  • Gap sealing of aileron with adhesive
  • Screw mounting for wing and junction for two-part wing is pre-fabricated
  • Rear and front part of fuselage are glued together, openings are cut
  • Kitparts (radio board, pushrods, levers etc.) are included in kit
  • V-tail completely prefabricated apart from: mounting the lever for rudder and connecting with kevlar wire
  • building instruction can be downloaded.

Taser infopage