Elvira gallery

Reto Meyer shows us his Elvira:
He has installed a removable fuselage nose. By this means he can fly Elvira both as a glider or
as an electric version. He has equipped the model with a 600 Kontronik - 22, a 18,5x13 propeller
and 6S 4250 batteries (instead of lead). Elvira launches with a push of 9kg nearly out of the hand.
Further interesting installation solutions:
Dual power supply with two Lipos 2600 and a fixed clutch servo.

Elvira in series production
The lady has kept us waiting for a long time,
but now the first Elviras are delivered and have already arrived in their new homes.
On the right side you see Pino from Slowflyer proudly presenting his new girl.

Flying the prototype on a small slope with low to moderate wind - May 2011

Exactly at the beginning of 2011 we could make the first starts with our new baby "Elvira".
Despite unfavourable weather conditions Elvira took off successfully for the maiden flight:

But even before this, Elvira could step into the limelight and be the model for our Christmas Card 2010.
Here some pictures of the "Making of":

Elvira gallery