Flying wing

PINO 3.0 medium
glider and electric
PINO medium
on the hill
FW6.2 Video by Norbert Riesterer
Elvira "Powersegler"
by Helmut and Robert Sixt
The best reward for a model airplane manufacturer is a satisfied customer. Accordingly, we are very happy to receive feedback such as that from Martin rom Vienna:
"With the electric fuse, the Pino medium has become my favorite flyer. I am enthusiastic about its flight characteristics on slopes as well as on the flat. The Pino is fast and manoeuvrable and is a lot of fun when circling in thermals. Even in stronger winds it can keep up with bigger and heavier gliders. Thanks for the great all-rounder, that always attracts the looks of colleagues and arouses their curiosity. "
FRITZ - new Video
Olaf Starmanns made this nice video of his flying wing "Fritz". He skilfully shows us what potential the glider has.
Of course we already had
a lot of flights with our Fritz!
Here are a few shots from
test flying the prototypes:

For all those who would like some more information
on our current top seller:

Here are a few
reports about construction and experience

of some pilots posting in the forum of RC networks:

PINO 3.0 Medium elektro
Pino 3.0 lite Baubericht
PINO 3.0 Slope


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