Flying wing

PINO 3.0 medium
glider and electric
PINO medium
on the hill
FW6.2 Video by Norbert Riesterer
Elvira "Powersegler"
by Helmut and Robert Sixt

ELVIRA GPS Triangle - contest
Iain Rose recently took part in the Challenge Cup at the Model Flying Ranch MFR in Spain and showed what Elvira is made of: In the overall standings he takes third place! And once he even won the day! We congratulate you!
More information on the contest

The best reward for a model airplane manufacturer is a satisfied customer. Accordingly, we are very happy to receive feedback such as that from Martin rom Vienna:
"With the electric fuse, the Pino medium has become my favorite flyer. I am enthusiastic about its flight characteristics on slopes as well as on the flat. The Pino is fast and manoeuvrable and is a lot of fun when circling in thermals. Even in stronger winds it can keep up with bigger and heavier gliders. Thanks for the great all-rounder, that always attracts the looks of colleagues and arouses their curiosity. "
FRITZ - new Video
Olaf Starmanns made this nice video of his flying wing "Fritz". He skilfully shows us what potential the glider has.

For all those who would like some more information
on our current top seller:
Here are a few
reports about construction and experience

of some pilots posting in the forum of RC networks:

PINO 3.0 Medium elektro
Pino 3.0 lite Baubericht
PINO 3.0 Slope


Wir entwickeln, fertigen und verkaufen Modell-Segelflugzeuge von 50cm bis 4,5m Spannweite. Unser Schwerpunkt sind HLG-Modelle und Segler zum Hangfliegen.