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  Erwin XL slope
The big brother of the classic 2 meter - glider

Erwin XL slope
Wingspan [mm]:
Aspect ratio:
Wing area [dm²]:
Wing loading [g/dm²] :
Weight [g]:
3.000 - 4.500
vs 1

Erwin XL slope is a robust funflyer fully built in carbon with a good relation between price and performance. He is perfectly suited for hard use on slope.

For more technical details look into our building instruction (pdf-file)
For more details of the model read the review of Aufwind-magazine (German).

Erwin XL slope is - as the two related models Erwin and Elvira - manufactured in a special building method without sandwich. The outer skin is made of robust 160g carbon. Because of that, the surface of wing and V-tail is extremely durable and the model is perfectly suited for extreme conditions.
Standard colours (please click):
RAL 2004
RAL 3020
RAL 9016
RAL 6018
RAL 5012



Since June 2018 our Erwin XL is delivered with a new design.
(see also big picture above)

Upper side with paint in 2 colours,
underside in visible carbon with white bars.

Wing and V-tail are built with a stiff outer shell without CFR-sandwich-construction.

Often transport and landings in rough terrain don't create permanent dents on the wing as this is the case with sandwich-constructions. All that remains are possibly some scratches.

Upper side with paint, underside in visible carbon

The wingtips were optimized for good-natured flying characteristics despite high wingload.
Precise and simple mounting of the levers by prefabricated recess,
shaped control covers
The servo boxes were designed for all standard servos, specifically: Futaba S3150, with mounting frame
Two wing-connectors  

Easy system for ballast with steel stabs
(shown on an older version with a different wing end)

Enclosed in the kit:
2x carbon stab
2x steel stab short
1x steel stab long

2x carbon stab short

1x carbon stab short, 1x steel stab short

1x steel stab short, 1x steel stab long

2x steel stab long
All rudders are mounted with silicone.
Rudder gap is closed on wing and V-tail.
Carbon covers for servos are enclosed in the kit.
In contrast to older versions, we put a canopy on the fuselage cone for better access to accus, servos. The servos for controlling the V-tail are situated in the fuselage and hinged with pushrods.
An appropriate servo board is supplied.
Hook for winch start:
Erwin XL can also be used for flying in the plain with all usual starting methods.
The wing is pushed onto the fuselage from the side. For electrical connection a plug is let into the root rib.
The V-tail is also made without supporting material.
The tail is removable.
The V-tail is manufactured in one part.
Holes and threads for mounting the v-tail on the fuselage are pre-fabricated.
Protection bags made of welded bubble wrap coated with aluminium foil (not included in kit)
Protection bags made of stitched foam material coated with aluminium foil
with fabric edging, practical velcro fasteners
and strengthenings at the wing tips
(not included in kit)

Kitparts are enclosed in kit.
  • CFR/GFR, strengthened with CFR rovings
  • CFR-shell without support material
  • Spar made of CFR unidirectional and CFR/GFR-hoses
  • CFR-shell without support material
  • Spar made of CFR-rovings and GFR-hoses



  • All rudders are cut and mounted with silicone
  • Rudder gaps are closed.
  • Openings for the servos are cut, covers are enclosed
  • Mounting of wing halves is pre-fabricated
  • Assembly of the fuselage is easy due to the fitting
  • Strengthening inside fuselage for hook is pre-fabricated
  • Openings in fuselage are cut, mounting of V-tail is pre-fabricated
  • Kitparts (radio board, pushrods, levers, ballast etc.) are included in kit
  • Building instruction can be downloaded.

XL slope info
XL Video